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Our childcare centres

Childcare centres are important spaces for children’s development. At people&baby, we are particularly attentive to how spaces are designed. Our team of architects are specialized in designing spaces for young children. They design innovative spaces with little ones and the local environment in mind.

Layout and design

“Childhood is not about preparing for adult life. It is its own rich and special time. Even in their first years of life, children have rights.”

This vision of childhood was created in 1963 by Loris Malaguzzi, a psychologist and educator at the Reggio Emilia schools in Italy.

Reggio laid out a number of “children’s rights” in his pedagogical method, including “access to quality and beauty”. Childcare centres should be safe and adapted to little ones. But even more, they should be “warm” and “attractive”.

All our centres have their own décor scheme: colours, furnishings, decorations, accessories. Everything is carefully chosen by our architects and varies from one centre to another.

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« Génération durable » Centres

Our centres are High Quality Environmental standard (HQE) and Low Energy Building (BBC) compliant. The paints used are VOC (solvent) free.

Génération Durable”, a sustainability programme introduced in 2016, has brought nature into our centres: vegetable gardens and green walls are now features in many of our centres.

Our centres also offer a “sensory space” to allow children to relax during the day.