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Other early childhood job opportunities

  • Nurses are responsible for the physical care, supervision, and preventive care of children in our centres. They work with a team of Early Childhood Educators to implement an educational mission that includes parent involvement.
  • Psychomotor therapists assist the team in designing the space and propose activities that foster early childhood development and children’s psychomotor development.

  • Psychologists work with centre professionals and parents to ensure children adapt well to life at the centre and flourish.
  • Doctors oversee the implementation of health measures. They also establish health protocols, and they train personnel on protocols and emergency first aid. In addition, they are in charge of overseeing personalised care programmes.
  • Kitchen and maintenance staff prepare meals, launder linens, and clean the facilities. They participate and contribute to the centre’s community.

Careers at our head office

people&baby is in a high-growth period and is always hiring new candidates for support positions at its Paris head office, as well as in its regional offices all over France.

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