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people&baby international

Internationally (out of France), the people&baby group has developed a network of 150 high-end daycares and kindergartens in 12 countries (China, Cambogia, Philippines, Singapore, USA, Canada, Qatar, Unites Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Italia, Russia, Belgium). Our centers welcome every day close to 21 373 children from 0 to 12 years old which represent 60% of the world global number.

In all our centers around the world, people&baby promotes a pedagogical project orientated towards children’s wellbeing and optimal development which focuses on nature discovery, art and world openness.

Discover our daycares and kindergartens around the world 

Enrollment in our International daycares and kindergartens

If you wish to have more information about enrollment within our international network, you can contact Guillaume Dupuis at the following number +33 7 82 98 03 05 or email guillaume.dupuis@people-and-baby.com

Hiring in our daycares and kindergartens overseas

Around the world, our centers are run by early childhood bilingual professionals:  If you wish to apply for a position in our centers, please contact marine.wahu@people-and-baby.com


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