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To support its professionals towards a level of competence which guarantees the unique quality of reception of its structures, people & baby relies on its own training organization, approved by the Datadock *. The aim is to provide professionals with the tools to adapt to a constantly evolving sector.

Early childhood training provided by qualified trainers

Composed of five qualified trainers: four EJEs (Early Childhood Educator) and a psychomotor therapist, this organization intervenes throughout the year and throughout France with early childhood professionals from the group and partners from its Daycares For ALL network.

Animation of workshops and pedagogical days, integration course for nursery management, interventions at early childhood fairs ... The team's missions are increasing.

Educational support adapted to the needs of professionals

The training program is enriched each year with new educational projects to provide educational support to professionals in the early childhood sector, adapted to the needs of each structure and each person.

In 2020, eight new training courses were opened and can be and can be taught by our teaching teams:

  • Communication with young children
  • Observe to better accompany the young child
  • Art and nature in a childcare facility
  • Transmissions: a time to nurture the relationship
  • Carrying a child in a daycare: for whom? What for ? How? 'Or' What ?
  • Welcome and coping with difficult behavior
  • Welcoming a disabled child
  • Pedagogies and neurosciences

Download the 2021 training program.

* Datadock references vocational training organizations on the basis of the 6 quality criteria defined by the 2017 quality decree.