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Virtual tour of a daycare centre

The daycare centre is a place for living and learning. At people&baby, particular attention is paid to the layout of the spaces.

Our team of master architects, who specialise in the design and layout of childcare facilities, designs innovative daycare centres that are adapted to the needs of young children and the local environment.

Layout and design

« Childhood is not a preparation for adulthood, but a moment in time, rich and special; from the very first years of life, children have rights. »

This vision of childhood was developed in 1963 by Loris Malaguzzi, a psychologist and school teacher in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Among the "rights" set out in the Reggio educational project is the right to "access to quality and beauty". Childcare facilities must be safe and suitable for young children, but not only that: they must also be "warm" and "aesthetic".

All our daycare centres have their own décor: colours, furnishings, decoration and accessories are carefully chosen by our architects and vary from one daycare centre to another.

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Our living spaces

In addition to the living areas, most of our facilities are equipped with: an outdoor area with a vegetable garden, a water games room, a library corner, a Zen area, a room dedicated to artistic activities, a climbing wall, etc.

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