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Our values

people&baby centres are vital spaces for little ones. We are committed to quality human relations with children and families. Our values are at the heart of our philosophy and drive us in all we do.

Our teams share a strong professional ethic toward early childhood development, and they are united around a conviction that finding meaning in what they do is the surest way to progress and innovate together. Our expertise and professionalism are guided by four ethical and societal values to provide community-oriented and human centres.


Team members at people&baby have a deep knowledge of early childhood and are gentle providers of children’s wellbeing. With their solid professional ethic, all members of our team are committed to upholding an attitude of respect, open-mindedness, and empathy.

This human commitment helps create united teams capable of developing methods and programmes around a single objective: children’s wellbeing.


While every team member is a vital part of our company, we emphasize collective responsibility as the sum of individual responsibilities.

Total and mutual trust motivates all people&baby team members. The key to our dynamic company: that our team members feel encouraged to successfully complete their missions and find meaning in their work.

We also conceive responsibility in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), making people&baby a community-oriented childcare centre.


At people&baby, team members are encouraged to take initiative and make proposals to nourish our company’s creativity.

Over the years, we have developed a community-oriented vision of our mission. As part of that mindset, we have facilitated access to our centres for all families with a range of programmes, including Flexi Crèche (the first emergency care service) and Crèches Pour Tous (leading independent network of childcare centres in France). We have also expanded our offering with the creation of Flexi Family (a comprehensive suite of personal services), everykid.com (2,000 expert-tested items for early childhood tested at wholesale prices), and Crècheslib (on online childcare reservation platform for half days).


We are happy when our children are happy! Success is seeing their smiles every day. That’s the mindset that has contributed to our company’s success.

We believe that if everyone works in harmony with people&baby values, together with an exemplary professional ethic, we are all capable of being the best.

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