About us

People&baby bilingual daycare centres

A pioneer of innovation in the daycare centre sector in France, people&baby has developed a constantly expanding network of international bilingual daycare centres.

  • A network of 204 international bilingual daycare centres
  • More than 4,000 children cared for
  • Nearly 1,400 professionals, half of whom are bilingual or native speakers


International bilingual daycare centres: for whom?

In France, there are many reasons why families choose a bilingual daycare centre for their child:

  • families from a variety of cultures who are not fluent in French, and for whom communication in English is easier for both parents and child;
  • families who want their children to be immersed from an early age in an environment that encourages them to learn a new language and discover other cultures.

What is an international bilingual daycare centre?

  • Most daycare centres are bilingual in English and French, but there are also bilingual daycare centres offering immersion in Spanish, Italian and German.
  • Teams are made up of at least 50% of staff fluent in a second language and a native speaker.
  • In most centres, outside speakers specialising in language learning for toddlers come to run workshops.
  • The approach is above all playful: the discovery of languages takes place through activities (songs, daycare centre rhymes, stories, puppets, etc.) or during everyday life (meals, change time, etc.). Introducing children to languages gives them a sense of linguistic and cultural diversity: "There are other languages and other sounds".