About us

Our international centres

A pioneer in childcare in France, people&baby has developed an expanding network of international centres.


What is an international centre ?

In our international centres, children learn English (most of the centres) or another foreign language (Spanish, Italian, French, etc.); through language, they are exposed to other cultures.

The educational mission of these centres is based on the tenants of the EYFS EYFS* (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum, which is recognised around the globe. EYFS lays out three fundamental skills to develop in children under age 5.

Our teams are bilingual, and professionals from other cultures also offer children immersion in their mother tongue (for instance, through storytelling in their language).

Thanks to this multi-lingual environment, which is expressed in a number of areas (art, music, singing, etc.), children develop their imagination, their worldview, and their system of thought.

What are the benefits of introducing children to foreign languages at this age?

  • Helping children in their language development and bringing parents’ awareness to the importance of the mother tongue;
  • Exposing children to a diversity of sounds will facilitate language learning for the rest of their lives;
  • Valuing languages spoken by families in the centre.