About us

People&baby bilingual daycares

Pioneers in innovation within the daycare sector in France, people&baby has developed a network of bilingual international daycares in constant expansion.

  • A network of more than 204 bilingual international daycares
  • More than 2000 children enrolled
  • Close to 700 professionals with half of them bilingual or native


Bilingual daycare : for who ?

In France, the reasons which motivate families to choose a bilingual daycare for their child are numerous, but most of the time it concerns :

  • Families from various cultures, who don’t speak French and find it is easier to communicate in English, for the parents and the child.
  • Families who wish to immerse their child, from a very young age, in an environment promoting foreign language learning and the discovery of other cultures.

What is a bilingual daycare ?

  • The majority of our centers are bilingual in French and English, but there are also some bilingual daycares enabling a language immersion in Spanish, Italian and German.
  • The teams are made up with at least 50% of professionals speaking fluently a second language and of one native professional.
  • The approach is playful: the language discovery takes place during activities (songs, nursery rhymes, stories, puppets…) and throughout the daily routines (meals, changing time…)

Language awakening incorporate the child in a cultural and linguistic diversity: “other languages and sounds exist”.