Rates for a single registration in one of our centres

PSU subsidised multi-formula centres (+ 10 children) and micro-centres

Rates for subsidised multi-formula and micro centres

people&baby centres are “shared company centres”. That means your company can reserve a space for your child and contribute to the fees. In these cases, you enjoy full-time care of your little one up to age 3.

All our multi-formula (+10 children) and micro centres (-10 children) are PSU subsidised by the Caisses d’Allocations Familiales (CAF). With company contributions, our rates are the same as most public centres.

You pay an hourly rate based on the CNAF’s annual scale, based on your income and the number of children in your care: from 0.43 euros to 3.57 euros per hour.

You are also eligible for a 50% tax rebate on what you pay (capped at 1,150 euros/year).

Calculate how much a space in our centre will cost you

Note: you can also reserve a space without company funding. For more information, please call one of our representatives.


Registering in our PSU subsidised multi-formula centres or micro centres

Once you have a space in one of our centres, you can schedule a meeting with centre management.

During this meeting:

  • You will communicate your child’s routines and, if applicable, plan for any special needs (allergies, disabilities, etc.).
  • You will sign a renewable contract every year, until your child enters nursery school.
  • You will agree to operations in your centre.
  • Based on your needs, you will commit to a weekly schedule: you and management will lay out a typical week. If your childcare needs exceed what is described in your contract, you will be billed for additional hours based on the hourly rate established for your family.

PAJE subsidised micro centres (10 children or fever)

PAJE subsidised micro centres rates

If your child attends one of our micro centres, you will receive a special subsidy from your CAF: it’s called the “PAJE” and it’s a complement to your freely chosen childcare solution. The rate is based on your household’s monthly income and the number of children in your care (dependents’ allowance).

You pay a day rate based on the centre and the number of days reserved per week.

Note: your contribution will vary depending on whether you receive funding from your company.

You are also eligible for a 50% tax rebate on what you pay (capped at 1,150 euros/year).

Calculate how much a space in our centre will cost you

Registering in our PAJE subsidised micro centres

After you send your reservation form, an Early Childhood representative will call to discuss your needs, find a space in a centre near your home, and proceed to the contract signing.

The director of the chosen centre will contact you for a meeting during which you will discuss your child’s routines and finalise their childcare plan.

Check out our different childcare solutions.

For more information: select your preferred centre and send in a pre-registration form; an early childhood representative will call you back within 24 hours to answer your questions on our different programmes.

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