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Health and Safety (COVID)

From the start of the health crisis, people & baby implemented the Baby Safe Place plan, a set of measures to guarantee the health of families and professionals, adapted to ministerial instructions for the entire early childhood sector.

Respect for all shielding measures in daycares.

  • Professionals are required to wear a mask specifically for the daycare all day long, in the presence of children and during discussions with adults (parents or colleagues).
  • In an establishment, a professional can work with several groups of children, but it is recommended to limit the passages from one group to another.
  • Hand washing is mandatory, as is the wearing of work clothes specifically for the daycare.
  • Professionals avoid crossing paths in the break room or in other areas of the daycare.
  • Groupings between sections are limited and children go out in small groups to the outdoor spaces.
  • Professionals are encouraged to detect cases of COVID-19 early.
  • If a case of COVID-19 is detected, the section - or the nursery - is closed: a decision taken according to the instructions of the Regional Health Agency.

Stricy hygiene measures in all daycares.

The daycares scrupulously respect the cleaning, hygiene and air quality protocols:

  • All daycares (premises and equipment) are cleaned and disinfected with the Everyclean® solution, a 100% biodegradable ecological cleaning solution composed of water and electrolyzed salt which allows to cleanse, degrease, disinfect and deodorize (anti-bacterial, antifungal properties and virucides).
  • The games can be shared between several groups of children successively during the week, however, it is preferred that each child has his or her games and that they are cleaned regularly after use. Cleaning is still necessary during each passage from one group to another.
  • The rooms are ventilated 5 times a day. The use of air conditioning is conditioned: without the presence of children, if absolutely necessary.

Adaptation in crèche: parents can accompany the child in the premises

Parents can enter their children's area and accompany their child for the adjustment period in the daycare. Provided, however, that they are equipped with a mask, shoe covers and have washed their hands.