About us

Hygiene, well-being and safety in daycare centres

At people&baby daycare centres, all your child's basic needs are met.


At mealtimes, we focus on enjoyment and the discovery of new flavours. When it comes to diversification, we never introduce a new food into your child's diet without your prior agreement. We adapt to your rhythm and that of the children.

Nap time

During nap time, every effort is made to provide a secure environment. At people&baby, our childcare professionals are trained to manage children's sleep as effectively as possible. They are attentive to signs of tiredness and respect each child's bedtime rituals. Sleep is on demand and a sleeping child is never woken up. Children wear sleeping bags and are placed in beds without pillows. The sleeping rooms are monitored every five minutes.

Nursing care

During nursing care, your child will be given explanations and will take part in actions that concern him or her (taking the cotton wool, fetching the towel, etc.).


  • All the daycare centres (premises and equipment) are cleaned and disinfected using everyclean®, a 100% biodegradable ecological cleaning solution made up of water and electrolysed salt that cleans, degreases, disinfects and deodorises (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and virucidal properties).
  • The games can be shared between several groups of children in succession during the week, although it is preferable for each child to have his or her own games and for them to be cleaned regularly after use. Cleaning is necessary each time the children move from one group to another.
  • Rooms are ventilated as often as possible, and we use an air purifier when natural ventilation is not possible.

Specific measures during the health crisis

Right from the start of the health crisis, people&baby put in place the Baby Safe Place plan, a set of measures to guarantee the health of families and professionals, adapted to the ministerial instructions for the entire early childhood sector.