About us

Our educational project

The aim of our educational project is to prepare children for the world of today and tomorrow.

An educational project defines the educational values that we want to implement in the day-to-day care of children and their families. At people&baby, the aim of our educational project is to develop the innate skills and personalities of young children in a suitable environment that is conducive to learning.

people&baby day daycare centres apply the principles of positive education, where a caring atmosphere encourages creativity, self-confidence, curiosity and socialisation.

Our educational choices are independent of any methodology. We aim to meet children's needs by drawing on a variety of pedagogical and scientific approaches, backed by the cognitive sciences, and on the 10 key principles of the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health's National Charter for the Care of Young Children.

Our aim is to encourage young children to want to understand, to discover and therefore to learn, by encouraging active exploration.

A skills framework to adapt the activities on offer

We use a skills framework to observe the children and adapt our play activities.

  • Personal and social skills: learning to take care of oneself and those around them, and to manage one's emotions.
  • Communication skills: being able to express oneself and communicate with others.
  • Physical skills: developing motor skills and dexterity.
  • Investigative skills: developing curiosity, learning by experimenting.
  • Artistic skills: developing creativity and expressing themselves through art.