About us

Our educational mission

Our Vision

Our educational mission aims to prepare children for the world of today and tomorrow, and to develop their innate abilities and personality in a positive environment that encourages learning.

Our Philosophy

people&baby childcare centres use positive education principles in a welcoming and child-friendly environment that encourages play, creativity, self-confidence, curiosity, and socialisation.

Our Mission

We awaken children’s desire to understand, discover, and learn by encouraging active exploration and using skills from our field to observe your children and adapt the games we offer them.

  • Personal and social skills: learning to take care of themselves and those around them. Learning to manage their emotions.
  • Communication skills: learning to express themselves and communicate with others.
  • Physical skills: developing their motor skills and dexterity.
  • Scientific skills: developing their curiosity, learning through experimentation.
  • Artistic skills: developing their creativity and expressing themselves through art.

Nature, art, emotions, harmony, communication, and openness to the world are major themes in our programme.