Parents' comments on people&baby

Reviews of people&baby: satisfied parents testify

Many parents have expressed their satisfaction with their people&baby crèche, the quality of the care their child receives every day, and their gratitude for the work and commitment of the professional team. Here is a selection of what parents have to say about people&baby crèches throughout France:

"First of all, thank you for the continuity of the service during this summer period... Our twins are in the Agate crèche and we are very satisfied with the quality of the reception. We are therefore confident customers of your establishments and the quality of the services you provide, which is why I'd like to tell you about my sister-in-law's application. She's going to do her CAP aepe in a sandwich course/apprenticeship. What could be more instructive than hands-on experience? That's why I'm asking for your help and your network to help me find her a crèche like Agate's, which could take her in from September."

A mother from a Lyon crèche

"The staff are top-notch, caring and very pleasant. They love children and above all their work. Which is reassuring for us parents. Well done, keep up the good work!"

A mother from a Valence crèche

"I would like to give my testimonial and support to the Crèche Petits Rêves (director + employees). My son Naël has been in this crèche since May 2021, when he was 3 months old. We had an adaptation period of over 3 weeks, during which I felt at ease straight away; the staff were very attentive and patient. I was stressed at the thought of leaving my baby behind and going back to work, especially as I don't work in the area. The director, concerned about my anxiety, remained very attentive, keeping me update on my son's day several times a day and sending me photos and videos. I knew straight away that my son was going to adapt to this crèche and that everything was going to work out well for us. Since then, we've been able to leave for work with peace of mind... We know that Naël is in good hands: when he's ill, the crèche calls me straight away. Naël is now 1 and a half years old, is still at the crèche and is very happy to go there every morning. There has always been very good communication between the team and the family (my partner, my mother, my sister and I take turns picking up Naël). We would like to reiterate our support for the team. All the best."

A mother from a crèche in the Yvelines department (Les Mureaux)

"My husband and I were really worried about our eldest daughter, who was having trouble with her previous crèche where she didn't say a word all day (they even thought she was mute). So when we found a place for her at PEOPLE AND BABY, the manager and the team were able to put our minds at rest and reassure us. It turned out to be amazing, because after 2 weeks in the daycare my daughter became a radio station and wouldn't stop. So much so that, in a spirit of humour, I asked them to stop making my daughter talk because at home we couldn't take it any more. Just to tell you that I have ENTIRE TRUST IN THE DIRECTOR AND HER TEAM. Following my 2nd pregnancy, I immediately asked for a place for my baby, who is currently in the crèche. I was able to return to work after my maternity leave with complete peace of mind! We really wanted him to be cared for in a safe environment, with professionals to look after him in a happy and cheerful atmosphere, and there was no better place than the one where his sister was before him. And now that I'm pregnant again, I want my next baby to be there too."

A mother from a crèche in the Yvelines department (Les Mureaux)

"My children are in your crèche in Hénin-Beaumont and the team is just TOP! Both the babies and the older children are welcomed beautifully! The team is always available, they do loads of activities with them and they love to see their big friends! Thank you and all the best to you!"
A mother from a Hénin-Beaumont crèche

"My daughter also goes to Hénin-Beaumont and it's true that the team is top notch."
A mother from a Hénin-Beaumont crèche

"I'm very pleased with the way my children are looked after at the Newton crèche in Montigny. Well done to the whole team!"
A father from a Montigny-le-Bretonneux crèche

"Raphael is now 20 months old and has been in one of your daycare centres since September 2021.


We can't tell you how extraordinary the care he receives from the professionals in place (Cindy, Audrey, Jennifer and Valerie) is. He's growing up so well thanks to them, and we can count on their sound advice during the somewhat complicated periods of his young age.


They are so patient, they listen unfailingly and they provide individualised care that we can leave for work with peace of mind.


Before benefiting from this quality of service, Raphael was cared for in another facility where, in our opinion, the care was not at all optimum - quite the contrary, and without wishing to castigate this establishment, I can assure you that we were not really satisfied with it.


Raphael goes to Chocolatine with a smile on his face, he hardly ever cries and I can tell he loves the professionals on the team. How could it be otherwise? Audrey becomes his "cuddly toy" when he's tired or ill, and she keeps him close to her despite her backache and tiredness, or even the number of children they have to deal with every day. What can I say about Jennifer, the Director, apart from her great ability to listen and her empathy? She looks after Raphael when he's overflowing (when he might 'hit' his little friends). She puts him on her lap to read him a book and soothe him instead of punishing him in a corner, as might happen elsewhere. And Cindy, who always has an explanation to justify the sometimes (and often abusive) behaviour of this energetic little boy ("it's because he sees others doing it" or "it's normal, it's his age"). Valerie, who keeps the "diary of Raphael's life" in the crèche and thanks to whom we can see all the activities on offer within this mini-family.


I could write you a novel about all the moments they share with him and what this brings to our son and to us.


These same professionals ALWAYS have a smile on their face and are exceptionally caring; they never give up (although I can imagine how exhausted they can be at times).


I congratulate you on the quality of recruitment at the Chocolatine crèche and I hope that you can thank them in turn for the wonderful image that they convey of your group."

A mother from a Marseilles crèche

"Great daycare centre! Very professional, caring and helpful staff. A healthy, fun environment conducive to children's development. Very high quality products (food, milk, nappies, everything is organic!). A big thank you to the whole team from Andrea and her mum."

A mother from a Clichy crèche

"A brand new crèche, truly beautiful, superbly equipped, but above all a top team! Adorable and very competent daycare nurses who gave us lots of good advice, provided great supervision and were very affectionate with our treasure. When we left, we received a card signed by each of them, photos of our child and a gift. We were extremely touched and will stay in touch. Above and beyond the service, there's the human aspect: they're beautiful people. Thank you for everything. Charles's parents."

A father from a Paris crèche

"Since P&B took over, I've noticed that there have been some investments: purchases of equipment and toys, refurbishment of the crèche (the walls are finally clean and repainted), which was sorely needed! The crèche needed some work and it's now very pleasant. The professional team is still the same and that's great because they are really caring. Furthermore, I find that the meals are child-friendly and I'm delighted to receive information and newsletters."

A mother from a crèche in the Hauts-de-Seine department

"I think this place is great for babies and children alike. My 10-month-old son is there at the moment and I love the fact that he tells us everything about his bowel movements, wee-wees, nose-washing and naps."

A mother from a crèche in the Pas-de-Calais department

"Rose is flourishing, growing well and developing perfectly thanks to the professionals at her crèche. She's making enormous progress, and they're wonderful people who are real points of reference for her. They deserve real recognition. Rose is a child who request going to the crèche on weekends and is happy to go there every morning. It's a joy and, above all, a huge relief for us parents to leave her in these optimal and serene conditions for her growth and development.


I would like to thank the teams for their kindness, their attentiveness, their advice and their professionalism."

A mother from a Bordeaux crèche

"I really wanted to express my complete satisfaction with your professionalism and thank you for taking such good care of our little ones. And it's important to stress that, thank you."

A mother from a Strasbourg crèche

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