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At people&baby, all our centres are approved by French Mother and Child Protective Services (PMI) and eligible for subsidies from the French Family Allowance Office (CAF).

French mother and child protective services (PMI)

Under the authority of the departmental board president, mother and child protective services (service de protection maternelle et infantile) (PMI) is responsible for ensuring the health of young children.

The PMI plays a vital role in young children’s lives. It intervenes in new childcare centre projects. For instance, it reviews technical details with developers and towns as new childcare centres are being developed (new centres, the size and quality of teams, operating regulations, safety standards, etc.) until they are authorised to open.

To obtain authorisation to open, a doctor from the PMI does a tour of the centre. The purpose of this tour is to evaluate if the premises and design meet the health and safety standards for the age and needs of the children to be cared for.

After new centres open, they are audited and monitored by PMI officials.

The French family allowance office (CAF)

As we develop our network of centres, people&baby works in direct collaboration with the French Family Allowance Office (Caisses d’Allocations Familiales) (CAF).

The CAF keeps people&baby informed of childcare needs in France. It also reviews the viability of a project and helps fund some construction costs. people&baby teams and CAF advisers work together to come up with the best childcare solutions for families.

people&baby centres are audited every year by the CAF, which checks to make sure we are respecting current legislation and verifies our quality of service. By adhering to all standards, particularly in terms of family contribution costs, all people&baby centres are eligible for CAF subsidies. Parents enjoy the same rates in our multi-formula centres as they do in public facilities.

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