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The people&baby Foundation for Children

In 2012, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, people&baby set up the people&baby Foundation for Children.

The mission of the people&baby pour l'enfance Foundation is to research and study educational and teaching practices around the world and to provide financial support for childcare facilities in developing countries.


people&baby Foundation Mission

Researching educational and pedagogical practices

  • Visiting Early Childhood organisations around the world,
  • Recognising and encouraging a diversity of educational and pedagogical practices,
  • Communicating good practices and favouring professional openness in early childhood education.

Financial support for childcare centres in developing countries

  • Facilitating the creation of early childhood facilities
  • Supporting Early Childhood facilities facing financial hardship: administrative and financial support for balancing budgets and maintaining long-term financial health

The missions of the people&baby Foundation

Research and study of educational and pedagogical practices

  • To meet with organisations in the Early Childhood sector around the world,
  • To recognise and promote the diversity of educational and teaching practices,
  • Transcribe best practices and promote professional openness in the educational care of young children.

Financial support for childcare facilities in developing countries

  • Encouraging the creation of childcare facilities for young children
  • Supporting childcare facilities in financial difficulty: administrative and financial support to help them return to and maintain a balanced budget over the long term.

The people&baby Foundation's major projects

2023: Solidarity trip to the Ivory Coast

  • 14 people&baby employees travelled to the town of Aboudé Kaouassi in the Ivory Coast to equip, train and fit out a daycare centre for 170 children. Seven emotional days during which the volunteers, chosen for their complementary skills, created an environment conducive to the development and learning of children aged 0 to 6 years old.

Watch the video of this wonderful adventure

2022: Project with the association Les enfants du soleil in Madagascar

  • Construction of another structure in Antsirabé for the women of the CAT de Vironneau, accommodating 40 children aged 0 to 6 years old. Monitoring the construction, manufacturing the equipment, training the teams and fitting out the spaces.

2021 : Project with the Solidarité Batoto France-Congo association

  • In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the people&baby Foundation is setting up a daycare centre in the Mitendi district (commune of Mont-Ngafula) in partnership with the Solidarité Batoto France-Congo association. Opening in February 2021, the facility takes in the children of young mothers who want to train to learn a trade.

2019 : Project with the Planète Enfants & Développement association in Phnom Penh

  • Creation of a 50-place daycare centre, adapted to the constraints of the capital's working families, due to open at the end of the year.
  • An innovative childcare solution for the country and a place where 0-6 year olds can develop and flourish.
  • A place for young parents to learn: parenting support sessions and meetings for the child-parent-educator trio.

2019 : Project with the association Les enfants du soleil in Madagascar

  • Creation of a social daycare centre in Antsirabé, Madagascar (CAT de Vercors): architectural project, financing and fitting out of the daycare centre.
  • Skills sponsorship actions.

2018 : Project with the Mamère NGO and the Ivorian government

  • Creation of a 70-place daycare centre in the village of Aboudé-Kouassikro (the second social daycare centre in the country): completion of the architectural project, financing of the structural work and fitting out of the daycare centre.
  • Training early childhood professionals in good hygiene, care and education practices.

2018 : Project with the Cambodian government

  • Participation in the creation of a daycare centre reference system to organise the care of under-threes in Cambodia: operation, implementation of an educational project tailored to the needs of 0-3 year olds, layout of spaces, recruitment and training of teams, etc.
  • Creation of a 20-place pilot daycare centre in a textile factory in Phnom Penh.

2016/2017: Project with the association Les enfants du soleil in Madagascar

  • Fitting out of four daycare centres run by the association "Les enfants du soleil" located in the heart of the centres d'aide par le travail (CAT).
  • Development of an educational project based on awakening the senses and free access to play areas.
  • Training for childcare assistants and young mothers to ensure better care for children in terms of hygiene, safety and education.

2015/2016 : "Baby lvoire" project in partnership with the Institut National de Formation Sociale (INFS).

  • Co-financing of a 50-place pilot daycare centre on the premises of the INFS, the only school in the country that trains its students in early childhood professions.
  • Support in carrying out the project through the sharing of expertise: optimisation of the architectural project, construction of the business plan and development of an appropriate educational project.

2014: "Once upon a time, wishes were passions" project in partnership with Make a Wish

  • Fulfilment of wishes for hospitalised children in connection with their passions and career plans.

2013: "Babylonia" project with the Sorriso no Moro association

  • Funding for a daycare centre in a favela in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Training of the educational team by people&baby employees.
  • The director of the daycare centre was welcomed to France to learn about people&baby's educational and teaching practices.

2013: "Etudiantes Saint Honoré" project in partnership with the Centre de Formation Saint-Honoré.

  • Study and report on social and family policy in Sweden.
  • Meeting with local early childhood professionals.
  • Discover the Reggio Emilia pedagogy.

people&baby Foundation news

January 2022 : The people&baby Foundation opens a new facility in Madagascar 

16 February 2021: The People & Baby Foundation inaugurates a daycare in Kinshasa, Congo

18 June 2019: The People & Baby Foundation for Children inaugurates its crèche in Madagascar

2 October 2018: The people&baby Foundation opened a centre in the Ivory Coast ...

18 May 2018: The people&baby Foundation helped create a national childcare centre in Cambodia

27 October 2017: The people&baby Foundation helped support the Malagasy organisation “Les Enfants du Soleil”

12 January 2017: The people&baby Foundation provided assistance to Sorriso no Moro

8 November 2016: Sophie Failles gave an emotional presentation of the people&baby Foundation’s initiatives for children in Madagascar

1 October 2016: The people&baby Foundation in Madagascar to support “Les Enfants du Soleil”  

12 May 2016: The Abidjan centre is coming along …