About us

Meals in our centres

people&baby centres pay special attention to the food we serve. All our meals, whether they are delivered or prepared on site, are nutritionally balanced and made from fresh ingredients.

Nutritional meals

Our food providers are selected based on rigorous specifications that meet GEMRCN (Market Study Group on Institutional Catering and Nutrition) standards for the nutritional quality of our meals.

All meals served in our centres are designed by dieticians, which ensures children eat a varied and balanced diet.

At least 50 % organic ingredients

A pioneer in sustainable nutrition, people&baby developed an Organic Childcare Centre label in 2009 to guarantee that at least 50% of the ingredients used in our centres are organic.

Meals in our centres are mostly made up of fresh and seasonal whole foods. Children are exposed to local ingredients (grown less than 200 km away) every day, and to some of the best French breeds of meats.

Our fresh meals do not use processed ingredients. They are palm oil, GMO, and additive free. And they are low in salt and fat.

To ensure that our standards are being met, a dietician performs quality controls.

In some of our centres (20%), meals are prepared on site by one of our chefs.

Developing their palates

At our centres, every meal is an enjoyable moment and an opportunity for children to develop their palette. Taste is one of the first senses children become attuned to, and it is a vital part of their development. Themed menus, discovery activities, and seasonal events are often scheduled.

The yearly Taste Week is when we host festive culinary workshops with parents. We also introduce little ones to many ingredients that are often neglected today: fennel, celery, currants, parsnip, Jerusalem artichokes, rhubarb, dill, mint, and more.

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