About us

Our "Crèches Pour Tous" network

Crèches Pour Tous has been created in 2011 by people&baby.

Crèches Pour Tous is a network of more than 3,160 private and public partner centres across 80 departments.

Crèches Pour Tous offers different care formulae:

  • Regular care with employer contributions,
  • Occasional care without employer contributions,
  • Crèche Solidarité Emploi to help job seeking parents get back to work.

Crèches Pour Tous is advantageous for:

  • centre management: with optimised costs and occupancy rates thanks to space reservations, training from an accredited centre, lectures on Early Childhood Development, consolidated purchasing (milk, nappies, etc.);
  • families: thanks to a list of more than 9,000 centres, families can find a space in a nearby centre using a geolocation system;
  • companies: with spaces for their employees.

La Belle Crèche, for guaranteed quality

To guarantee the quality of our partner centres, the Crèches Pour Tous network created “La Belle Crèche” in 2015. This is a voluntary self-evaluation scheme based on five fundamental pillars: pedagogy, team, meals, centre design, and family relations. Self-evaluation results are divided into three levels: “Committed”, “Confirmed”, and “Exemplary”.

To encourage centres to strive for constant improvement, self-evaluation results are good for one year. Centres can perform the evaluation process each year to confirm their previous level or reach a new level.

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