Calculate the price of your daycare place

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To estimate the cost of your place in a daycare, use our simulator form. The price of a place in a daycare centre depends on :

  • - Your income
  • - The number of dependent children in your household
  • - The number of hours of childcare per week
  • - The type of childcare you choose (permanent or occasional)

With company funding, your contribution for a place in a day care centre within our network will be identical to that for a place in a municipal day care centre, thanks to the application of the PSU (Prestation de Service Unique) rate. You can estimate the price of your crèche place below, whether it's in Paris, Toulouse, Lille, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux or anywhere else in France.

You can also check the rates for enrolling in a daycare centre and find out about our different daycare solutions.

How can I reduce the cost of a place in a daycare centre?

Assistance from the CAF

In France, the government allows all parents to benefit from financial assistance towards the cost of looking after their child, particularly in daycare centres (crèches) or micro daycare centres (micro-crèches). Parents can therefore benefit from financial support tailored to their family situation and the type of childcare they have chosen, in order to reduce the cost of a place in a daycare centre.

Tax credit

The cost of childcare in daycare centres is an expense for parents. The government allows families to deduct part of their childcare costs via a tax credit.

Daycare prices for parents looking for work

If one of the parents in a family is looking for work and the family has no childcare facilities, people&baby offers a scheme to help parents get back to work.

Form for calculating daycare fees

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