About us

The relationship with parents

Between the people&baby educational team and you, the parents, there is an educational partnership. As well as welcoming and supporting your child, our aim is to create a real sense of complicity and complementarity in their education by encouraging exchanges and sharing our experiences.

The adaptation period

At people&baby, your child's integration takes place over one or two weeks. Accompanied by a team of professionals, your child will begin by familiarising himself/herself with his/her environment in your presence for a few hours each day. The team will take note of all your child's little habits and will make themselves available to discuss them with you and establish a relationship of mutual trust.

Day-to-day relationships

The multi-disciplinary team, together with our experts (paediatrician, psychologist), will keep you constantly informed of any observations they have made about your child and will always be ready to listen to you.

The daycare centres involve parents who wish to participate in the life of the daycare centre by organising family events, offering them the opportunity to lead a language awareness workshop in their mother tongue or any other enriching session for the children.

The Crèche connect app, an additional link between the daycare centre and families.

The Crèche connect app lets families keep track of their toddler's day-to-day life at the daycare centre. Activities, meals, naps, development of skills, anecdotes and photos of the day... Thanks to the team who observe each child throughout the day, Crèche Connect sends transmissions in real time and is the perfect link between the daycare centre and home!