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Creating and taking over a daycare centre: our expertise

As an advisor, operator, investor and manager, people&baby supports companies and local authorities in the creation or takeover of their daycare centre projects.


people&baby advises VSEs, SMEs, large companies and local authorities on the childcare solution best suited to their needs.

For companies, this may involve reserving one or more places in one of our daycare centres or in our daycare centre network, helping to set up a single-company or inter-company daycare centre, or offering an emergency Flexi Crèche solution.

For local authorities, this could mean setting up a daycare centre, delegating a public service to take over the management of a daycare centre, or a contract to reserve places in our daycare centres.

Setting up a daycare centre

This service comprises 3 main stages: advice and a preliminary feasibility study; setting up and managing the project right up to the opening of the daycare centre; management of the childcare facility.

To keep costs under control, you can use people&baby's Modulo Crèche concept: pre-engineered blocks corresponding to a certain number of cots (30, 45 or 60 cots), which can be extended.

Made from PEFC / FSC-certified solid wood (the forests from which the wood comes are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner), Modulo daycare centres are installed within 3-4 months of planning permission being granted.

Taking over the management of a daycare centre

In this way, people&baby offers local authorities a change management approach that respects the existing situation.

The local authority benefits from people&baby's experience in daycare centre management, while enjoying lower operating costs thanks to the centralisation of supplies, works and support functions. In addition, it does not bear the "operating risk" of the daycare centre and has regular reporting.

To compare the cost of municipal management with that of private management, local authorities can ask people&baby for a no-obligation audit of their childcare service.

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