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Children at heart

Since their inception, people&baby childcare centres have been motivated by an educational mission based on children’s wellbeing, development, and flourishing.

Quality spaces

The education mission at people&baby centres can be seen right away in our safe and pleasant spaces. Our architects carefully plan the layout, colours, and objects in our spaces.

Open Minds

These spaces foster wellbeing. From there, our educational team encourage your children to interact with others and develop their potential. When children interact with other children from different social and ethnic backgrounds, they learn to respect differences.

As Odile Broglin, a paediatric nurse and co-founder of people&baby explains, “Children need contact with others as part of their development. Our centres provide a safe and caring space. They are conceived and designed to encourage open-mindedness with respect to their peers and adults. As children discover the world, they should be encouraged to feel calm and self-assured.”

Attentive Staff

At people&baby centres, all the primary needs of your child are met. At mealtime, we encourage children to enjoy meals and discover new flavours. At naptime, we offer a safe and reassuring space. For healthcare and hygiene, your child receives explanations and is encouraged to take an active role (taking the tissue, going to get a napkin, etc.).

Our relationship with you, the parents, is a vital part of our educational mission. That is why our multidisciplinary team and our experts (paediatricians, psychologists) are always available to communicate and keep you constantly informed.

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