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Our teams of professionals

The educational teams at people&baby daycare centres are made up of early childhood professionals who continually improve their professional practices as part of an ongoing training programme.L

A multidisciplinary team of professionals

In accordance with current standards, the staffing ratio is one person for every five children who cannot walk, one person for every eight children of walking age and one person for every six children of mixed age.

Under the responsibility of a director, the educational team is made up of daycare centre nurses, early childhood educators, auxiliary nurses and childcare workers, as well as nurses, psychologists, doctors and psychomotor therapists.

In micro-daycare centres, the technical manager supervises a team of childcare workers. The staffing levels in people&baby micro-daycare centres are higher than the standards: the new law on staffing levels in daycare centres requires a minimum of 40% qualified staff, and at people&baby, an average of 53% of our professionals are qualified (March 2023 figures).

A minimum of 2 professionals must be present at all facilities throughout the day, regardless of the number of children, including at opening and closing times, even if the 2022 regulations do not require this.

Qualified early childhood professionals with ongoing training

These professionals all hold an early childhood qualification and/or a state diploma.

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Our certified training organisation

To improve their professional practices, people&baby daycare centre teams follow an ongoing training programme on child development, provided by our Qualiopi-certified training organisation. They also receive training in food hygiene, cleaning products, fire evacuation and containment, emergency procedures, etc.

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