Our Summer Camps

In July and August, our daycares are offering Summer Camps for all children aged 10 weeks to 5 years.

Need childcare this summer? Are you looking for an innovative, professionally supervised workshops to keep your little ones entertained during the holidays? Let them take advantage of our Summer Camps in July and August, between July 1st and August 23rd 2024.


This year, the programme of activities at our Summer Camps, designed by our educational teams and tailored to each age group, focuses on the theme of Sport. The aim is to offer everyone the pleasure of exercising, exploring and developing their potential!


Alpes-Maritimes (06)

Crèche, Capelina, Nice, 06000
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28 Rue Gioffredo
06000 Nice
Crèche, Fraise, Sophia-Antipolis (Biot), 06410
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Logo anglais Fraise

950 avenue Roumanille
06410 Sophia-Antipolis (Biot)
Crèche, Les Petites Bulles, Nice, 06200
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Logo anglais Les Petites Bulles

30-34 avenue Henri Matisse
06200 Nice

Bouches-du-Rhône (13)

Crèche, Les Matines, Marseille, 13006
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Les Matines

115 Rue Saint-Jacques
13006 Marseille
Crèche, Pitchoun Et Pitchounette, Marseille, 13009
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Pitchoun Et Pitchounette

97 Traverse de la Gouffonne
13009 Marseille

Calvados (14)

Crèche, L'Odyssée, Deauville, 14800
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Logo anglais L'Odyssée

Place Louis Armand
14800 Deauville

Haute-Garonne (31)

Crèche, Amethyste, Toulouse, 31100
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224B avenue de Lardenne
31100 Toulouse

Gironde (33)

Crèche, A Pas de Géant, Bordeaux, 33000
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A Pas de Géant

13 Rue Raze
33000 Bordeaux

Hérault (34)

Crèche, Scoubidou et Confetti, Montpellier, 34000
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Scoubidou et Confetti

396 rue du Mas de Verchant
34000 Montpellier

Indre-et-Loire (37)

Crèche, Tournicoti, Tours, 37100
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41 rue de la Milletière
37100 Tours