Our Summer Camps

people&baby keeps its daycares open during the holidays, in July and August 2022, to welcome children from 10 weeks to 6 years old!

Need childcare for your children this summer? Workshops to entertain your little ones during the holidays? Let them enjoy our Summer Camps: a program of educational activities, in July and August, around the theme of the sea : world tour of beaches, discovery of marine environments, sports, nature workshops, water games...


Enter your address, find a daycare open for Summer Camp near you and register your child.

Alpes-Maritimes (06)

Crèche, Capelina, Nice, 06000
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28 Rue Gioffredo
06000 Nice
Crèche, Fraise, Sophia-Antipolis (Biot), 06410
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Logo anglais Fraise

950 avenue Roumanille
06410 Sophia-Antipolis (Biot)
Crèche, Les Petites Bulles, Nice, 06200
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Les Petites Bulles

30-34 avenue Henri Matisse
06200 Nice
Crèche, Opaline, Mougins, 06250
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701 Chemin des Campelières
06250 Mougins

Bouches-du-Rhône (13)

Crèche, Les Cocotiers, Cabriès, 13480
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Les Cocotiers

127 chemin des Bouscauds
13480 Cabriès
Crèche, Les Matines, Marseille, 13006
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Les Matines

115 Rue Saint-Jacques
13006 Marseille
Crèche, Pitchoun Et Pitchounette, Marseille, 13009
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Pitchoun Et Pitchounette

97 Traverse de la Gouffonne
13009 Marseille

Calvados (14)

Crèche, L'Odyssée, Deauville, 14800
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Logo anglais L'Odyssée

Place Louis Armand
14800 Deauville

Haute-Garonne (31)

Crèche, Amethyste, Toulouse, 31100
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224B avenue de Lardenne
31100 Toulouse

Gironde (33)

Crèche, A Pas de Géant, Bordeaux, 33000
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A Pas de Géant

13 Rue Raze
33000 Bordeaux