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Our story

The story of people&baby began in 2004 against the backdrop of a chronic lack of space in childcare centres all over France. Today, people&baby includes 700 private and public centres and has become the leading family owned and operated independent childcare solution in France.

people&baby is 100% owned by its two founders: Christophe Durieux, an entrepreneur, and Odile Broglin, a paediatric nurse. The network is the only of its kind whose daily operations are overseen by a woman specialised in Early Childhood Development.

A community-oriented model childcare centre for all

Since its inception, people&baby has been built on an innovative model based on a true commitment to community. In fact, all of our centres are approved by French Mother and Child Protection Services (PMI) and eligible for French family allowance (CAF) benefits, which means parents can enjoy the same rates at our multi-formula centres as for public facilities.

In addition, a unique partnership with the French employment office (Pôle Emploi) called “Crèche Solidarité Emploi” provides job seekers with occasional care. This community-minded initiative is the only one of its kind.

In the same spirit, Crèches Pour Tous posts the availability of all people&baby centres (700) and partner establishments (3,160 private and public centres) so families can learn about open spaces in real time.

A company with more than 15 years of growth

Since it was established, people&baby has made the choice to create a dense and far-reaching network of centres to offer families a range of childcare possibilities near their home or place of work. With more than 850 people&baby operated centres, we have posted an organic annual growth in excess of 35% since 2004.

In 2015, people&baby expanded our range of services with Flexi Family, an online platform with advice and in-home services (Childhood, Dependence, Home, Parenting) to help make life easier for families. The company joined the French Federation of Personal Services (FESP).

Key dates

  • 2004: Founding of people&baby
  • 2008: Launch of Flexi crèche, the first emergency childcare service for all salaried parents.
  • 2008: Signing of the Parenthood in Companies Charter
  • 2009: Creation of Crèches Bio
  • 2011: Creation of Crèches Pour Tous and Modulo Crèche, the first modular environmentally-friendly childcare centre
  • 2011: Adoption of the ISO 26000 standard, on corporate social and environmental responsibility
  • 2013: Creation of the people&baby Foundation for Childhood, under the aegis of the Fondation de France
  • 2014: Creation of Crèche Solidarité Emploi, a unique partnership with Pôle Emploi
  • 2015: Member of the French Federation of Personal Services (FESP)
  • 2015: Member of the network of Entrepreneurs of the Future
  • 2016: Creation of Génération Durable
  • 2017: Creation of Flexi Family, a comprehensive range of family services
  • 2017: First bilingual childcare centres in Ile-de-France
  • 2018: Launch of crècheslib, an online reservation system of half-days in our centres
  • 2018: Creation of everykid.com, an online shop with more than 1,500 prof-tested items for children
  • 2019 : people&baby is expanding the scope of his daycare services with yoga classes and awakening workshops "Graines de Génies" on saturdays and with Summer Camps on holidays.
  • 2020 : creation of the program "My crèches at home" sent to all parents during the confinement

people&baby in numbers (2022)

  • The leading independent family owned and operated network of childcare centres in France
  • 33,000 children cared for in our centres per day
  • 700 directly operated centres
  • 3,160 “Crèches Pour Tous” partner centres
  • 10 600 team members
  • 80 local community groups
  • 2,750 corporate clients
  • 35% organic annual growth
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