About us

Our CSR approach

Since its creation, people&baby has been implementing innovative social and environmental initiatives in its daycare centres and offices.

Key actions in our commitment to society and the environment

people&baby has signed the Parenthood Charter and is committed to developing solutions and attitudes to parenthood within the company, creating a favourable environment for employees who are parents, and respecting the principle of non-discrimination in career development.

people&baby has set up the people&baby Foundation for Children, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, as well as the Crèche Solidarité Emploi scheme, which provides jobseekers with childcare days to help them in their search for work.

people&baby is rolling out the Génération Durable project in its daycare centres: a 5-pronged concept (Relaxation, Harmony, Nature, Communication, Opening up to the world).

people&baby has received ECOCERT certification for the food in its daycare centres and its eco-responsible mealtime practices. All the daycare centres in the network carry the "Crèches bio" badge: 50% of the meals served to children are made with organic produce and seasonal fruit and vegetables from local producers.

A few examples of eco-responsible practices

  • From daycare centre equipment to play equipment, natural materials are always preferred.
  • Children are taught how to recycle using recycling bins placed at their height.
  • Fabric overshoes are washable, and children's crockery is made of glass or porcelain (plastic bottles have been eliminated).
  • The development of our everykid brands (milk, cleaning products, nappies) has enabled us to deploy ECOCERT-certified products in our 700 daycare centres.
  • Processes to limit energy consumption have been put in place in all premises (offices and daycare centres).
  • people&baby offers a €150 voucher for the purchase of a bicycle to employees who wish to use it to commute between home and daycare centre or office.
  • Our partners (food, automotive, electrical goods) and suppliers are selected on the basis of their CSR requirements.
  • Quarterly deliveries to daycare centres (nappies, milk and other items) from a single shipping platform drastically reduce our CO2 emissions.


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