About us


Since its inception, people&baby has been an innovator in human/social, economic, societal, and environmental issues.

Our “Génération Durable” Programme

In 2016, people&baby launched a new corporate programme called “Sustainable Generation”, implementing a new 5-point concept in its centres (Zen, Beauty, Nature, Communication, Openness to the World).

From building materials to the types of educational activities for children, sustainable development is now a part of all aspects of childcare centre projects.

Since it was created, people&baby has committed to a new CSR initiative per year

2008: people&baby signed the Parenting Charter and committed to changing parenting mindsets within companies, creating a favourable environment for working parents, and respecting a principle of non-discrimination in career advancement.

2009: people&baby created the Crèche Bio label. Centres in our network serve meals made up of at least 50% organic ingredients and fresh local ingredients (less than 200 km away).

2012: the company committed to the ISO 26 000 standard which provides a methodology for integrating sustainable development ideas into a corporate strategy. A Sustainable Development Charter details our commitment: recycling, carpooling, reducing consumption, etc.

2013: people&baby created the people&baby Foundation for Childhood, under the aegis of the Fondation de France.

2014: people&baby launched a partnership with the French employment office (Pôle Emploi): “Crèche Solidarité Emploi” which offers job seekers the opportunity to benefit from occasional childcare as they look for jobs and try to enter the workforce. From March 2014-December 2019, 6,900 days were provided to 1,412 families.

2015: As part of its efforts to involve all team members in its CSR mission, the company launched an internal initiative, “Eco-imagination” to encourage employees to share good CSR practices within the company.

2016: people&baby became a member of Entrepreneurs of the Future, a community of business leaders committed, both individually and for their companies, to the “advancement” of society through a new type of growth based on efficiency and responsibility, and fairness and sustainability.

2017: people&baby implemented its Génération Durable programme in all its centres.

2018: re-signed the “Crèche Solidarité Emploi” agreement with Pôle Emploi.

2019: people&baby has committed to quality of life in the workplace with events and sporting activities in its regional offices, and with its support for My Happy Job, a webzine on wellbeing in the workplace.

The rapid growth of people&baby has also meant considerable job creation. The company hires hundreds of employees every year, exclusively on long-term contracts (CDI) (400 in 2015, 200 in 2016). Since its beginnings, people&baby has been committed to its employees, offering long-term contracts and frequent training.

2021: people & baby is committed to the FNCIDFF (National Federation of Information Centers on the Rights of Women and Families) to provide daycares to facilitate the reintegration process for women in difficulty.